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3 things I’m doing to improve my business journey

3 things I’m doing to improve my business journey (and you can too)

6 June 2016

Freedom being one of my top values (yeah, yours too, that’s why you’re here), every decision I make in my life and business needs to bring me closer to a feeling of freedom (in an ideal world, sometimes I lose focus and sometimes you’ve got to choose an uncomfortable path to create greater freedom).

Why the high of business success doesn’t last

Why the “high” of business success doesn’t last – the science

16 May 2016

Do/did you imagine that once you reached a certain level of success in your business, that you’d be on an all time high? Happy, high energy, positive, all the time? …but then, at some point (days or weeks later), puff, you flop, literally. It seems like the air has fizzled out of you, that all those dreams and visions of greatness were just that, dreams, with no future.

grow business from scratch

Can you really grow your business in just 20-25 hours a week?

25 April 2016

Yes, you totally can grow your business, from scratch, in just 20-25 hours a week. I did it. But, that does not mean that this is ‘little effort’. It. Is. Hard. Work. Persistent, consistent, deeply focused and dedicated work. We’re not talking about the traditional sense of hard work meaning long, dreary hours. As a business owner it’s your privilege to let go of that. Please do.

What are money blocks

What are money blocks, are they real, are they made up?

11 April 2016

I think it might make things feel more familiar to you if I told you that another name of money blocks is limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that once served to protect you but are no longer applicable to your journey now, which is why they are felt as limiting. We all have those, in all parts of life. They come from your background – your parents, wider family circle, cultural norms, educational environment and who you hang out with.

Are you the only one not getting downloads

Are you the only one not getting ‘downloads’?

28 March 2016

When you hear others talk about downloads they’ve received with the most amazing outline for a new program, I’m guessing that you think that that’s something that comes from outside, something that just hits you out of nowhere as some sort of divine guidance.


How I became a Buddhist and what this has to do with your business

14 March 2016

I remember thinking I’d never seen so many people. And the quiet. The calm. The uniformity in everyone just sitting there. It was unbelievable. Literally. We managed to get a bird’s eye view and the scene of all these students sitting before this one man, the silence despite the numbers was awe-inspiring. I felt embarrassed to be there. It felt too sacred somehow. I felt we were imposing. And yet I knew how important this moment was.

when did it all change for me

When did it all change for me?

22 February 2016

It comes down to making a decision. Mindset. And taking action – consistently. How much depends where you are in your business and how far you want to take it. You’ve got to take an honest look at why you’re not getting the results you want, why you’re not taking the action you need to take and why you’re not being as visible as you need to be.

grow your business

Can’t keep up? How to grow your business like a human

8 February 2016

There are times of growth and times when we need to maintain and improve the infrastructure. I know you get impatient, you want things done yesterday, but you need to take the time to set solid foundations in place. When you’re in creation mode you can’t simultaneously be in full on launch mode.

work from home

The guide to quitting your job to pursue your business full time

1 February 2016

When I started by business I was still working full time. I had clients evenings and weekends. Then I wanted to do more of it so I started to cut down, gradually going more and more part time in my office job. I went down to 4 days a week, then 3.5. Eventually I took a couple of part time jobs that allowed me more time flexibility to do the work I was passionate about – my own business – and honestly, this also got me out of an office job that I just didn’t want to be in.

personal lifestyle brand

How to create a personal lifestyle brand that matters

25 January 2016

The paradox of a personal brand is how to create one without being egocentric. Because really, it’s not about you and your success. Yes in a personal brand you need to share your story, but this must always be with the purpose of making these relevant for your audience, to inspire something bigger, wider, a movement that you have ‘cracked’ in some way and choose to teach others.

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