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Hear from 8 Location Independent Business Owning Mums (virtual event)

24 June 2014

Join me, Caroline Cain and a panel of successful international business owning mums who value freedom of time, location and expression in their business, and life.

The One Reason Your Manifesting Isn't Working

The One Reason Your Manifesting Isn’t Working (video)

26 May 2014

You’re sitting on your cushion, you’re visualising, meditating, you’re wishing and wanting, I mean reaaallly really wanting. So why isn’t it happening? Why do others seem to effortlessly manifest yet it just isn’t happening for you?

Is Your Business Making You Boring

Is Your Business Making You Boring? (video)

12 May 2014

When you really look at it, I mean really honestly, do you talk about freedom this and freedom that in your business but really you’re just an armchair freedom seeker – as in, you’re not actually doing anything about it?

Is your business making you boring because you spend so long in sitting at your computer theorising and hatching plans about how to bring more money in, yet your everyday life really isn’t matching up to who you say you are or what to be?

Embracing Your Business as a Piece of Your Lifestyle

Embracing Your Business as a Piece of Your Lifestyle: How to determine your ideal monthly income (video)

5 May 2014

If you don’t know what you’re aiming for…where will you land? You can’t just want to make money in your business, you’ve got to be specific. You’ve got to know how much you want to bring in on a monthly basis and what it’s for – at least in the beginning until you get that monthly momentum going.

Scheduling For Flexible People

How Embracing Your Role as a Mum Will Bring Success In Your Business (video training)

28 April 2014

Embracing your role as a mum will make you money…if you learn how to effectively schedule this in. Watch my training video Scheduling For Flexible People: The Mindset, The Mistakes and The Implementation

Is Living a Dream Life Too Good To Be True?

Is Living a Dream Life Too Good To Be True? (video)

21 April 2014

Women these days have an amazing opportunity to change the way that business is done and in so doing change the shape of the world we live in. The increase in numbers of female entrepreneurs working from home who are also carving out time in their week to spend more time with their children means that many of us are very much internet based – this is where a lot of the networking, promotion and even support takes place.

Don't Get Held Back By The 'How'

Don’t Get Held Back By The ‘How’ (video)

14 April 2014

When you have deep desires, the ones that won’t leave, the ones that totally light you up when you think about them, the kind that you either keep to yourself or share with only your most trusted friend, this is when you have a glimpse into what you are here to do.

How to listen to your fear's wisdom, and moving past it (video)

How to listen to your fear’s wisdom, and move past it (Video)

7 April 2014

Clients ask me this and I see it ‘out there’, in cyberspace in various entrepreneur Facebook groups I’m in: how to know whether your fear is fear saying STOP, this is not a good idea…or fear saying GO, I really really want this but never thought I could have it

your purpose

Why Living Your Purpose Is Vital For Your Health

31 March 2014

What happens when are not in alignment with our passions – whether it be your so called mission to help others through your work and change the world, or your art, or being a mother, or charity work, whatever it is that really fills you with fulfillment – when we’re not in alignment with this we feel a constant lacking which translates, on a physiological level, within your body, into a state of stress


Simplicity Does Not Mean Playing Small In Your Business and Life

24 March 2014

Hands up if you’ve been raised in a culture where doing, being busy, constantly striving, working hard is believed to lead the way to success…I know, I was there too and add to that perfectionism and you’ve got a life-sucking situation going on.
As a woman on a mission to live an extraordinary life doing work that you love, creating a profitable lifestyle business out of it, moving away from this and into a place of simplicity is the key to your success. Financial and personal.

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