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The #1 Key To Happiness When Creating A Freedom Based Lifestyle

The #1 Key To Happiness When Creating A Freedom Based Lifestyle (video)

16 December 2013

In this video I share with you a perfect example of this which happened this week and how a potentially stressful situation was very quickly turned around and brought back fully into our value system, into a place of greater expansion, ease, flow and joy for us as a family.

The Secret To Success & Confidence As An Entrepreneur

The Secret To Success & Confidence As An Entrepreneur (video)

9 December 2013

And yet, this desire burns so deep inside you and has done for some time now, years, you’re not ‘just’ doing this for the sake of it, you’re doing it because you know that to not follow that voice inside would lead to a life half lived.

doing it all

The Shocking Truth: Mums Are The Unhealthiest Entrepreneurs

3 December 2013

Remember, you WANT to enjoy the holiday so can’t run yourself ragged day after day, month after month and expect your body not to do it’s job and throw out what doesn’t serve it when things get too much or now that it has a chance to catch up.

Are Your Running Your Business Like A J.O.B?

Are Your Running Your Business Like A J.O.B? (video)

24 November 2013

If you’re an entrepreneur mum working from home with a new (ish) business and you find yourself overwhelmed, struggling for time – to get all your work done, spend time with family, see friends, take time off to do what you love and take the time for even your most basic needs and well-being, chances are you’ve adopted the old model of working.

George Bernard Shaw quote

Who Do You Need To BE?

18 November 2013

Take a moment to imagine how you will feel once you have all of this (future, wishing, projection, anticipation).

Your most important mission in this life is to be this person, today (present, here, now, what you know to be ‘true’).

Is It Wise To Do What It Takes, No Matter What?

Is It Wise To Do What It Takes, No Matter What? (video)

4 November 2013

We choose to become entrepreneurs because of the freedom it promises, the choice, the free reign for creativity and growth. Most entrepreneur mums choose it for the lifestyle that will allow them to spend more time with their family. We are moving out of a masculine model of work to a more feminine mode, but We are moving

We’re Selling Everything And Moving Across the World! (video)

23 October 2013

I am SO excited to be sharing this news with you today!! Two years ago Dominic and I decided that we wanted to move to a country that would allow us to spend as much time as we want outside for most of the year, where the days are lighter, warmer, where we can spend more time in nature and where the buzz of the people and the town match what lifts us up and makes us feel inspired and alive.

What to do when you just can't get out of that head space

What to do when you just can’t get out of that head space (video)

14 October 2013

You know what it’s like, you’re getting more and more uptight wondering what step to take next in your business, you’re frustrated because you know what step to take now but you can’t seem to get it to fit together (although it seems pretty simple, right?), you’ve got

What exactly does owning our emotions actually mean

What exactly does it mean to ‘own your emotions’? (video)

7 October 2013

Do you ever caught up in all those fancy self development words that have become so familiar to us and yet, when you actually stop to think about what they mean, you find yourself standing there scratching your head not quite able to put a finger on it?

The 5 Minute Miracle Recharger

The 5 Minute Miracle Recharger (Video)

23 September 2013

We’re all busy in one way or another and it can be so hard to let go of that never ending to-do list knowing that yet more will be added to it tomorrow. Yet we also know that driving ourselves into the ground until we become frazzled wrecks isn’t going to serve us, or those around us, either.

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