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Simplicity Does Not Mean Playing Small In Your Business and Life

24 March 2014

Hands up if you’ve been raised in a culture where doing, being busy, constantly striving, working hard is believed to lead the way to success…I know, I was there too and add to that perfectionism and you’ve got a life-sucking situation going on.
As a woman on a mission to live an extraordinary life doing work that you love, creating a profitable lifestyle business out of it, moving away from this and into a place of simplicity is the key to your success. Financial and personal.

Stressed woman at work

Solopreneur? Release The Struggle And Summon These 3 Forms of Support First

17 March 2014

Start off with these three forms of support when creating your team (and guess what, one of them doesn’t even cost a penny!)


7 Warning Signs That Your Business Is Suffocating Your Lifestyle

10 March 2014

Freedom. Yes. And lifestyle. Time for yoga. For massages. For ME…Somehow the journey there isn’t quite as easy as it seems when you first set out with a dream, a vision and a diary to book in those appointments.

take the leap

How To Find The Right Mentor

5 March 2014

“I’ve only been in business a few years, I’ve already spent so much money on programs and courses but I’m still struggling”
“I need more clients but I don’t know how to get them”
“Where am I going to get the money from this month? Something has got to change”
“I’m so overwhelmed with information, I don’t know what to do next”

Mama and Myla

How To Handle Your Business Slow Down When Family Life Takes Over

3 March 2014

When you’re a mother and a business owner, there are time – many – when your business will seem like it’s moving in slow motion, put on pause or even rewind. That’s what happens when life happens, and family. As a solo business owner these situations can be really stressful and emotionally and physically overwhelming.

How To Move From Chasing To Enjoying

How To Move From Chasing To Enjoying + Have The Money To Support You (video)

24 February 2014

If you’re reading this it means you’re part of our community of women who receive such joy from freedom in life and business…or at least the idea of it…Yet, so many women entrepreneurs are struggling to truly create the lifestyle business they desire.

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8 Truths About Success Most Mentors Won’t Tell You

17 February 2014

The first few years in business are tough – for pretty much everyone. It takes courage, determination, conviction, and passion.

This is why modern entrepreneurs, specifically women, and even more specifically, mothers, are shifting to a new way of doing business, one that ties in with their ultimate beliefs and connecting to something greater than themselves in this world.

What It Means To Design Your Business Around Your Lifestyle + How To Do It (video)

17 February 2014

So many entrepreneurs, specifically women, slog away in their business to create success that will allow them, in the future, to live their desired lifestyle. The problem with this is that you’re living up to an ideal that isn’t your current reality. You live in lack. You live in a place of restriction that you have created for your self.

Why Comparison Is Keeping You Silent

Why Comparison Is Keeping You Silent + How To Make It Work For You (video)

9 February 2014

We’ve all been there, getting sucked into Facebook and the glories that others are experiencing in their life and business.
If you’re where you want to be, this is a source of motivation and shared celebration.
But when you’re not, it brings up disturbing feelings

How To Be Authentic in Business When You Have No Idea How To Be Authentic

How To Be Authentic in Business When You Have No Idea How To Be Authentic (video)

3 February 2014

Being authentic in business is the big talk about town these days among spiritually minded, heart centered entrepreneurs. Yet…no one’s really telling you how to do it, you just hear that it’s what is called for for the modern entrepreneur.

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