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The no fluff guide to manifesting in business

The no fluff guide to manifesting in business

21 September 2015

You’ve heard that before, right? And you’ve wanted those clients, those financial targets so badly…but still it hasn’t happened. The thing is, no matter how great it sounds to simply ‘call your ideal clients in’, business needs strategy to go along with the softer, feminine inner piece of attraction. This combination of the feminine and masculine is what allows you to grow your business in a way that feels soulful, sincere and brings you the results you want. Because without results, you don’t have a business. There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s no magical secret you’re missing out on to explain to why you’re not getting the results you want despite wishing it to the moon and back. If you don’t have the business pieces in place, you’re not going to get the results.

Never again let fear or procrastination hold you back

Never again let fear or procrastination hold you back

14 September 2015

You often find yourself in that place where you don’t think you know enough. You ‘just’ need to find the answer to this one thing and then it’ll all work. And look, it’s easy for any of us to do that when we feel stuck. But let me ask you… When was the last time you asked yourself what you or your business dream need? Ugh I hear you groan. I’m tired of trying to figure it out, I just want someone who’s done it before to tell me what to do. Fair enough. I also want to save time, energy, frustration and overwhelm.

One way to create more personal, heart centered client communication

One way to create more personal, heart centered client communication

7 September 2015

There’s nothing wrong with sharing theory and focusing on that if that’s what you want to focus on. But if it isn’t, then you won’t feel satisfied or fulfill your deepest potential in your client communication and connection. People buy from people. In the kind of work you do as a coach, consultant, wellness practitioner, healer, creative you are essentially your business so your clients need– and want – to see more of you as this is what they identify with.

Why I let go of deadlines and financial goals

Why I let go of deadlines and financial goals

31 August 2015

I decided I wanted to let go of deadlines and financial goals. That doesn’t mean that my income won’t increase. What it means is being honest, again, about how I want to do business and what success looks like to me. Deadlines stress me. I’m into slow, simple living and achieve more than what I aim for by doing just that. So why feel I need to do things any other way?

How to stop perfectionism damaging your business growth

How to stop perfectionism damaging your business growth

24 August 2015

Do you remember going for job interviews where, when asked about your negative traits, you’d reply “I’m a perfectionist”. I did it too. There’s the ego talking right there “oh poor me, I’m a perfectionist, I try so hard, I’m so diligent, I do every job to the best of my ability”

do you have the attention span of a 2 year old

Do you have the bright shiny object attention span of a 2 year old?

17 August 2015

We teach our daughter to take one toy and when she’s finished, to put it away. At most she has two, maximum 3 out although that’s quite rare. She’s learnt to choose, pay attention to what she’s doing – even if it’s just 5 minutes, then choose the next thing. Even when we go to someone else’s house she stands back, observes then chooses one thing at a time. She doesn’t go into the frenzy of ‘NEW STUFF, MUST HAVE IT ALL AT ONCE!’. Perhaps this is what you find yourself doing when you receive one email after another with a must-have offer, then log on to Facebook and see another series of must-have offers. You need it all. I know. So do I.

10 habits of happy business owner

10 habits you need to give up to be a happy business owner

10 August 2015

The difference when you choose, specifically, to create a freedom based business is that your aim is to create a life, not just an income. How you feel on an every day basis becomes the barometer of how you’re doing. Of how successful you are. Committing to enjoying the journey takes letting go of what doesn’t serve you on an inner level leading to tremendous personal growth so that you are able to pursue, achieve and feel fulfilled in your life and business goals.

How I’m getting my business ready for baby #2

How I’m getting my business ready for baby #2

3 August 2015

When I had my daughter 3 years ago I was just bringing my business online. I was dipping my toe into the world of having a business coach and what this could do for my business. I was very happy with where my business was at, I just didn’t know what was possible. It was a few months after my 7 month maternity leave, when I came back into the online world that my business took a massive leap into a whole new level of visibility, messaging, branding and income.

Is offering high end programs for you

Is offering high end programs for you?

27 July 2015

If the mainstream online coaching market has anything to say about it, when you’re selling high end (read: charging multiple thousands for your programs), it’s considered that you’ve ‘made it’. Let’s be clear, transformation does not just happen in high end programs. Transformations happen on different levels, depending on your particular needs at any particular time. And the fact is that this market space needs variety.

be free

Why you need to stop looking for your purpose (if you want a freedom based lifestyle)

20 July 2015

You’ve seen them too, those posts that promise to help you find your purpose. Finally! You think. You see the light at the end of a long tunnel of confusion. Finally knowing what it is you’re meant to offer, what your message and package looks like. As the multifaceted and multipassionate person that you are, this is totally understandable. Who doesn’t want to know exactly what they’re here to do?

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