If you’re here it means that you know there are some effective, natural solutions out there and you’ve (most likely) heard that there’s something about doTERRA essential oils that is different, special. You’re in the right place.

People often turn to these essential oils when:

  • their current approach to health isn’t achieving the results it was supposed to
  • they are tired of using medications and chemicals for literally everything
  • they are confused by all of the natural options out there and they never have the time to research them all, and they want guidance and support
  • they want more energy to do the things they love without 
the side effects of stimulants
  • and they want to increase their overall quality of life – whether you’re new to natural health or you’re already a raving fan and want to raise the bar even higher

3 Cool Things About Essential Oils

Safe. Effective. Affordable.

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They are 100% natural and safe (for the whole family!)

  • Oils are extracts from plants that have amazing health benefits.
  • No foreign contaminants or fillers.
  • Certified pure and therapeutic grade.
  • Extensive testing to ensure purity and potency.

They are effective

  • 50-70% more powerful than herbs
  • Sourced where they naturally grow best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry so it does what you want it to
  • Oil-based so they permeate the cell membrane working at a cellular level
  • No side effects, no addiction

They are affordable

  • Less is more - start with one drop
  • Cents per drop
  • Cheaper than taking the car or bus to the doctor!
  • And saves you a ton of time!

3 Ways To Use Your Oils

(referring to doTERRA oils only)


Inhale directly from bottle
Inhale from cupped hands


Apply directly to skin diluted with carrier oil. Ideal spots are nape, spine, chest & bottom of feet.


Veggie capsule
Under tongue
In your water

Top 10 Essential Oils

Safe. Effective. Affordable.

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Tea Tree

Skin irritations - Immune support - Healthy scalp


Immune support - Cooking


Cooling - Head tension - Energy - Seasonal threats


Cleansing - Detox - Seasonal threats


Calming - Sleep - Stress - Seasonal threats - Bug bites


Glowing skin - Aches & Discomfort - Head tension


Digestive support - Motion sickness


Respiratory support - Snoring

On Guard

Immune support - Green cleaning - Oral health

Deep Blue

Soothes sore muscles - Head & neck tension

Why choose dōTERRA?

You might not be surprised to hear that not all essential oils are created equal…

In a market where dozens of essential oil companies claim to have ‘pure’ oils (even if it says organic or pure on the label!), you need to do your research. Over 80% of oils on the market are adulterated or cut with synthetics. Yikes. There is no industry standard, so doTERRA created their own. Their oils are certified, pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG). This means that you can trust their quality and purity to be beyond organic, with no perfumes, synthetics, fillers, contaminants or adulteration. Each batch undergoes multiple third party testing to ensure purity and doTERRA is the only company out there that is transparent with these results - they are all available to the public. No corners are cut at any stage, which takes more time and at a higher cost, but ensures the highest quality oil there is.

doTERRA is largest essential oils company in the world. And for good reason...

Co-impact Sourcing

doTERRA's commitment to quality not only involves producing the highest-quality essential oils, but to “pursue what’s pure” in all areas, including the sourcing —through ethical practices that empower communities and environments to thrive. This effort, called Co-Impact Sourcing, isn’t just a business initiative. It’s at the core of doTERRA’s values. It ensures that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically - through developing long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships, creating sustainable jobs, providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas, on-time payments at fair prices and education. Through co-impact sourcing, our plants are sourced where they naturally thrive from over 40 different countries around the world, over 20 of which are developing countries.

Healing Hands Foundation

The way doTERRA as a company go above and beyond any other company I know is how I knew this company was for me. Together with Co-Impact Sourcing, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ provides additional support to the surrounding local communities through thoughtful, impactful, and sustainable projects. From micro-loan programs and anti-human trafficking initiatives to health care and disaster relief, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation empowers communities around the world to make a positive, sustainable change. From the very beginning, doTERRA Founding Executives had the vision of “bringing healing and hope to the world through providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant - empowering individuals and changing lives.” Their desire and commitment to “establish a pattern of giving” carries forward. doTERRA covers all administrative costs so that 100% of the donations go to those who need it most.

Source To You

From the beginning, doTERRA chose to source their plants from where they naturally grow in the world, to ensure the highest quality plant. They work closely with local farmers, supporting over 165, 508 (2019) jobs around the world. 96% of doTERRA’s single oils and blends are part of the exclusive partnerships they create with these farmers, ensuring the purity and potency of each plant and bottle of oil. On Source to you, you can trace each bottle - each grower, quality and testing reports. This transparency is essential.
Our mission to change the world one drop, one life, and one community at a time is becoming a reality through Co-Impact Sourcing. Through each purchase, you are changing more than just your life—you are changing lives across the world.