Are you ready to get started?

So, now you’re ready to look at the options available to you to start your oils journey. I’m excited for you! I do not say it lightly when I say that these oils are life changing. Maybe you’re doubtful you’ll know which oil to use for what; or you’re worried you’ll use them wrong; or maybe you have no idea how you'll include them in your daily life.

Well, I’m here to make sure you become a confident, independent oil user. You’ll quickly learn how and why you’d want to include them into your everyday.

It’s my absolute passion to share what I know, have learned, studied and experienced in natural health and wellbeing, so that you are empowered to support yourself physically, emotionally, and on a personal growth level. When we feel better, we do better and I feel strongly about our responsibility to take control when it comes to trusting that we know best, and leading in our own lives.

There are currently over 8 million people in the world purchasing from doTERRA so you’re in the right place!

How to buy your dōTERRA oils

There are three ways to purchase dōTERRA essential oils.



The first way is retail. Nobody here is going to buy retail. This is the most expensive way to buy oils. Why buy full price when you can get 25% or more off?! Let’s move on to the better options...

Yoga Collection


An annual membership that gives you access to doTERRA's great products at the best prices, 25% below the retail price. You purchase the membership for €20 excl VAT / £24 incl VAT and choose whichever oils you like for your order.

doTerra Kits & Product Mockups

Wholesale Starter Kit

The third way is below wholesale when you buy a starter kit. The starter kits bundle together the most popular oils and give you the biggest savings. This is the smartest way to purchase your oils. This also gives you the 25% discount for the year.

Step 1 - Choose Your Kit

These are the 3 most popular kits


Family Essentials Kit

Get the Top 10 oils in 5ml bottles (that’s approx 85 drops in each). This kit comes with Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Oregano, Tea Tree, Zengest, Air, On Guard, Deep Blue + On Guard and Peppermint Beadlets + doTERRA Essentials Booklet.

~ £122 / €115 (excl. VAT*) / kr. 1.070


Home Essentials Kit

Our most popular kit and the one I recommend. It has the Top 10 oils in 15ml bottles (approx 250 drops). You're getting 3x as much oil + a free diffuser, for only double the price of the Family Essentials Kit! It comes with Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Oregano, Tea Tree, Zengest, Air, On Guard, Deep Blue + Petal Diffuser + doTERRA Essentials Booklet.

~ £239 / €225 (excl. VAT*) / kr. 2.100


Natural Solutions Kit

This is what I call the Lifestyle Change Kit. It has everything you need to clean up your home and supercharge your health journey. You’ve got all the most important oils, some emotional blends, a diffuser, the amazing digestive enzymes and probiotics to support your gut, the life-changing Life Long Vitality supplement trio (extremely high quality, whole food state supplements - ask me about my story with these!), a selection of On Guard (immune supporting) products such as toothpaste, hand soap, capsules, shampoo, conditioner, storage box, doTERRA Essentials Booklet and more! This is the most cost-effective way to get started for the serious health conscious person.

~ £561 / €568 (excl. VAT*) / kr. 5.300

* The listed Euro price does not include the value added tax for countries using Euro, e.g. Germany (MWST), France (TVA) and Italy (IVA).

Step 2 - Order Your Products

Create a doTERRA account and place your order in five easy steps


Create your account

Go to, scroll down, click on JOIN doTERRA and select your language and country (if you’re within Europe, first select Europe then choose your country).


Select your account type

Choose Wholesale Customer option. If you want the opportunity to earn commission by sharing these amazing oils and/or building your own dōTERRA business, still chose Wellness Customer, and then message me to let me know your intention so that I can help you get started. You can very easily change your status to advocate when you’re ready to start. The reason I recommend everyone start as a customer is so that you truly embrace the experience of these oils before committing to do the business.


Fill in your personal details

Ensure you have Caroline Cain has your Wellness Advocate.
Enroller ID and Sponsor ID should be pre-filled, if not enter my ID: 2822385


Choose your kit

Choose your kit and add any additional items you may want.
If you don’t want an enrolment/starter kit, select Introductory Welcome Package to purchase the wholesale membership (to give you the 25% discount) and add whichever products you’d like to your cart. The 25% discount will be applied automatically.


Place your order

Enter your payment details and click Process order now.

You’re done, welcome to the team!

Need help?

Not sure which kit is for you, or have questions before you buy?

25% Discount

Get wholesale pricing with 25% discount all year when joining as wholesale customer.

No obligations

There’s no monthly order requirement.

Earn points

Opportunity to receive 10-30% of your total purchases back in free product points on the Loyalty Reward Program.

Free product of the month

Opportunity to receive doTERRA’s FREE product of the month, every month.

Earn commissions

Option to earn commissions by sharing the oils with others or building a dōTERRA business (all business mentoring included).

Free/reduce rate shipping

Opportunity to receive free or reduced rate shipping.

Step 3 - Join Our Community

Once you’ve ordered your kit I’ll be in touch to invite you to your exclusive customer community

  • 25% off first and all future orders
  • A 30 minute 1:1 Wellness Consult with me
  • Access to our private customer Facebook group where you can ask all your questions and learn with a community of like-minded, health conscious people
  • Access to our extensive trainings, resources, education on oils, supplements, health and eating psychology
  • Access to our 10 day Oil Camp which will give you in depth education on the Top 10 oils
  • Custom welcome package with tools to get you started on your oils journey right away
  • Team giveaways
  • Optional: access to business training and support