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What the Lama said…

What the Lama saidAs always when our Lama is in the country giving teachings and/or we’re on retreat, I like to come back and share snippets with you that I found particularly helpful.

So, here’s what I picked up that I feel is useful when applied to business:

“If we function well for the good of others, then we all have it well.”

Basically, you gotta look after yourself my love! You do, really. When you feel on top form, happy, fit, flowing, then this will not only impact those around you but also flow into your business and through to your clients. If part of your mission in this life is to be of benefit to others, then the bottom line is that you need to function well for the good of others.

Q: What can you do today to function better, for the good of all?

“When you enter a situation without a reference /container, it is pure”

Preconceptions. Instead of those, entering every decision you make and interaction you have with a fresh mind, remaining open to possibility. This is what will create the most beneficial, expansive outcome.

Q: Where are you pre-judging a situation/interaction? Where are possibilities ready and waiting for you to grab but you’re not seeing them due to expectations or narrow thoughts you have about them?

“The most majestic way to see the world is to be here, now”

Wow. Majestic. Don’t you love that word – it’s one we don’t hear often. I love it in this sentence. It can be easy to run ahead with the next offer, the next income goal, the next course. How can you bring things back to the here and now?

Q: Where in your business can you think majestically? Where are you allowing your thoughts to be carried away to the past, or the future, or what someone else is doing, or fearing an outcome that might or might not be?

And some parting words that I feel beautifully sum up what it means to be in integrity with yourself and in sincere service to others:

“Keep an open mind and wish everyone happiness.”

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