Let’s chat about the doTERRA Business Opportunity

Are you someone who loves helping others?

Are you passionate about natural health?

Are you exited about the idea of sharing these oils and having them paid for or even replacing your income?

Why doTERRA, why now?

My international team is expanding and I’m looking for positive self starters who are passionate about health to join us!


There are three types of people who come to my oils classes

Those who want to live a more natural lifestyle!

The first type of person is excited to live a natural solutions lifestyle. When they learn about the power of these oils, they can’t wait to start using them them with their family.

Those who naturally love sharing good things!

The second type loves to share the things that they love. doTERRA supports this type of person through a generous compensation system when they share these products. As these people share over time, they can have their oils paid for each month. We call this free natural healthcare and there are thousands of people all over the world currently enjoying free natural healthcare with doTERRA!

Those who want to change people’s lives!

The third type of person wants to do what I do! They want to change people’s lives every day through educating others about the power of essential oils. doTERRA supports this type of person through a generous compensation plan where they can supplement or even replace their income. They can become financially free!

If you’re the second or third type of person, let me know and I'll help you get started! The first step is to buy your starter kit here:

Get started: buy your oils kit today!


Why I love my work with doTERRA

What the introvert and Human Design Projector in me loves most, is that I can work from home, taking the time and space I need for my two children, and myself. My eternal student of all things natural health side loves that I get to live what I teach, making my own health and well-being a central part of my work. doTERRA’s values as a company match the contribution I want to make out in the world. This is becoming more and more vital in a world that craves deeper connection and respect for one another and the planet. I believe the network marketing model is the business model of the future - with doTERRA you know that the farmers and everyone else involved, are treated well. You know where the money goes. When you buy oils through me, you have my promise that I am there to support you - it is important to me that you actually create a shift in your life. I take my responsibility in sharing better options, seriously.

I have a successful background in business coaching and am committed to inspiring leadership in my doTERRA team leaders through my grounded, yet strategic team mentoring. We have a fun, heart-centred, international team, where you will receive a ton of support, training and all the resources you need to share these beautiful oils and grow your business. You don’t need to have sales background or an aromatherapy certification. You might be a mum, a teacher, someone who lives a natural health lifestyle, a coach, an influencer, want to replace your corporate job with residual income, or someone who simply loves to share with and help others. 

I look forward to introducing you to the team!