The Freedom Seeker's Business Mentor

Hi, I’m Caroline Cain!

Are you sick of waiting for that dream lifestyle you thought you’d have by starting your online business?

Sick of waiting to have the fun and flexibility you thought you’d have by being your own boss?

So what happened?

Countless coaches, consultants, creatives, health and wellness practitioners shackle themselves to their businesses hoping to go from none to done in the span of a couple years, all the while unsuccessfully struggling to balance the demands of work with family and the joy of living.


What is the point?

My opinion on the matter, is this…

If you’re living in anticipation of a future you don’t yet have, then you’re not fully living.

If you think you should be somewhere else, then you’re not anywhere at all.

If the only freedom you have is freedom from a boss, you are not truly free.

Imagine a life where the majority of your days are your ideal day.

Where you choose.

Where you define success, happiness, and abundance.

Where you live full-out the reality of your design.

Make the way you work, work for you.

It’s more than possible; it’s done. I’ve created that life for me and my family, and it is my greatest pleasure to guide you there as well.

Start growing your business in a way that allows you to experience the freedom you craved when you started out.

Hi, I’m Caroline, and I can show you how to do this and have your 5 star lifestyle, however it looks like for you.

Here’s a bit of up front honesty for you:

What I have is a passion for, is living a conscious, connected, purposeful life beyond dollar figures and busywork.

Your dream lifestyle looks different to everyone, this is what it looks like for me…

Plenty of time off to be with my family and to be alone.

Travel with your business & your family just like CarolineBeautiful surroundings.

Living in ease and flow, never a rush.

A life that is slow, simple, and without stress.

Taking pleasure in the world.

A life focused on experiences over things, based on purposeful, living.

Running a profitable business that supports all of that, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Today, I’m living that 5-star lifestyle, but it wasn’t always this way.

Rewind the clocks…

At the age of 18, a doctor told me my life was over, and gave me 5 years of healthy living. Along with that I had a lengthy CV of symptoms, ranging from bulimia to insomnia to psoriasis and many places in-between, and, I was told I would never have children.

My fundamental lack of self-esteem, confidence, and respect for myself led me to seek freedom from my reality and emotions through an addiction to unhealthy foods, recreational drugs, and an abusive, codependent marriage. I lost all ambition in life. I felt wrong and out of place.

The crazy thing?

I thought I was doing okay.

For a long while I sought to feel alive through experiences – diving with sharks, skiing, hiking to Everest Base Camp, marathons, travelling, trekking, ice-diving, paragliding etc. At the time, those external inputs were the only thing that filled me with vibrancy and life. Outside of them, my life felt banal.

Then, after a succession of illnesses I chose to study natural health rather than ‘guesstimating’ my way through. The concept that what we eat or don’t eat is only part of the solution, that our entire lifestyle (physical health, emotional well-being, spirituality, relationships, work, finances) either supports or sabotages our radiant birthright was utterly foreign to me.

I became a naturopathic nutritionist and in the process totally turned my own health and understanding of self responsibility around. My office work went by the wayside as I chose to practice nutritional therapy full time.

When I began helping my clients with more than physical symptoms, a surge of passion coursed through me like none I’d ever known. Empowering other women to be the ultimate creators of their life moved me.

I became a model of living an extraordinary life with high vibration, energy, joy, and radiance on a daily basis.

I cast out the drama, and called in the grounding. I became ok with not being perfect, and laughed along with ‘life happening’. I learned to allow, and, through that allowing, how to cultivate more and more joy.

This is why today I support women to create lifestyle businesses – businesses that create greater freedom and flexibility in their lives so that they live life on their terms. It’s about creating freedom of time, freedom of location and freedom of expression with a new model for ‘business as usual’.

Caroline, Dominic & Mya enjoying local culture in Thailand where we lived for 3 months

Becoming a mother granted me acute awareness of responsibility, questioning the status quo, and the role that we play in shaping the future of the planet.

This led to me putting my lifestyle, the feeling and the experience of my daily life, first and foremost AT ALL TIMES. Being a business owners allows us to create this ultimate reality for ourselves.

I’m still a hard core freedom seeking adventurer, and, although I’ve lived in 11 countries, flew around the world twice before age 10, and have come face to face with some very wild Rwandan mountain gorillas, being a mum is one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever been on.

I’ve lived in three continents since having my business making the most of the freedom offered from running my business from my laptop with an international client base.

However there is a colossal difference between my need for adventure all those years ago and my love of adventure now. See, today, I don’t have to fill myself up all the time. Today, I’m just full.

Professional Bio

The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, Caroline Cain helps women define the lives they want to live and build profitable, flexible businesses to support them.

A mother, girlfriend, practicing Buddhist, and lifestyle business owner, Caroline is doing her part to raise an exceptional new generation by traveling the world with her daughter and boyfriend, and living a life she is totally in love with based on the principles of freedom of time, location and choice.

When she’s not empowering women to craft a life and business they love, she’s playing with sweet Myla, strolling the beach, and basking in the scents of new places.

Caroline Supports

Body & Soul

An HIV support community for women and children set up by two amazing women that I am very proud to know, one of whom has received official recognition by the Queen. Supporting this organisation has been a big part of my life for 20 years now.

SHARE Foundation

Founded and run by my good friend Ro’s mother. Ro and I hiked to Everest Base Camp a few years ago to raise money for SHARE and on our recent trip to Sri Lanka we were taken to the slums that our donation had helped. You can read about that here.

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