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doTERRA's oils are truly the most tested, most trusted essential oils.

Founded in 2008, doTERRA’s mission from the beginning was to share only the purest, highest-grade essential oils with the world. This commitment led to the creation of a new standard of quality: CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®.

It's extremely rare to find a company as generous and good for the planet as doTERRA. With incredible tools to support your emotional and physical health, whilst lifting and bless lives on both sides of the bottle, doTERRA is truly special.

responsible sourcing

doTERRA's commitment to quality not only involves producing the highest-quality essential oils, but to “pursue what’s pure” in all areas, including the sourcing —through ethical practices that empower communities and environments to thrive. This effort, called Co-Impact Sourcing, isn’t just a business initiative. It’s at the core of doTERRA’s values. It ensures that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically - through developing long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships, creating sustainable jobs, providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas, on-time payments at fair prices and education. Through co-impact sourcing, our plants are sourced where they naturally thrive from over 40 different countries around the world, over 20 of which are developing countries.

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It's important to us that you are set up for success by being empowered with the very best in training, tools and support.


Together We're Making a Difference

The way doTERRA as a company go above and beyond any other company I know is how I knew this company was for me. Together with Co-Impact Sourcing, the doTERRA Healing Hands Projects™ provides additional support to the surrounding local communities through thoughtful, impactful, and sustainable projects. 

From micro-loan programs and anti-human trafficking initiatives to health care and disaster relief, the doTERRA Healing Hands Projects empowers communities around the world to make a positive, sustainable change. From the very beginning, doTERRA Founding Executives had the vision of “bringing healing and hope to the world through providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant - empowering individuals and changing lives.” Their desire and commitment to “establish a pattern of giving” carries forward. doTERRA covers all administrative costs so that 100% of the donations go to those who need it most.

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