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how to purchase your doterra oils

Buy top quality oils and get me + a supportive community along with them!

The first way is retail. This is the most expensive way to buy oils. Why buy full price when you can get 25% or more off?! Let’s move on to the better options...


Annual membership that gives you access to the best prices - 25% below the retail. You purchase the membership for €20 excl VAT / £24 incl VAT and create a custom made order.

Wholesale starter kit

The third way is below wholesale. These starter kits bundle together the most popular oils to give you the biggest savings. This is the smartest way to purchase your oils. 

choose your kit

These are the starter kits that my customers love to get started with. 

most popular

Our most popular kit and the one I recommend. It has the Top 10 oils in 15ml bottles + Diffuser.
£239 incl VAT / 270€ incl VAT / 2.100kr incl. MOMS

top 10 oils, smaller size

The same Top 10 oils as in the Home Essentials Kit, but in 5ml bottles and no diffuser.
£112.75 incl VAT / 138€ incl VAT / 1.700kr incl. MOMS

daily health essentials

All you need for everyday habits to achieve & maintain a healthy lifestyle (5ml oil bottles).
£202.50 incl VAT / 234€ incl VAT / 1.812kr incl. MOMS

kids collection

7 ready to use rollerbottles formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions.
£119.25 incl VAT / 139€ incl VAT / 1.076kr incl. MOMS

lifestyle change

This is for you if you're the type to go all in. It has everything you need to switch out your chemicals and support your body & mind.
£561 incl VAT / 682€ incl VAT / 5.280kr incl. MOMS

how to order

Know which kit you want and ready to order? Follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. select language and country (if you’re within Europe, first select Europe then choose your country).

3. choose Wholesale Customer option
Both options have the same perks, except that as a wellness advocate you can earn commissions. You can upgrade to this option at any time for free (if you'd like to be an advocate, contact me so that I can support you with that). 

4. fill in your personal details 
You should see my name, Caroline Cain,  as your Wellness Advocate.
If not, enter my ID: 2822385- this will connect you to my oils community

5. choose your kit (includes free membership)
If you don’t want an enrolment/starter kit, select Introductory Welcome Package to purchase the wholesale membership (gives you the 25% discount) and add whichever products you’d like to your cart. The 25% discount will be applied automatically.

6.  enter your payment details and click Process order now.
You’re done, I'm excited for you to receive your oils in a few days! Welcome to our oils health and wellness community!

Not sure which kit is for you, or have questions before you buy?

benefits of Joining our global Wellness community

Once you’ve ordered your kit I’ll be in touch to invite you to your exclusive customer community

  • Custom welcome package with tools to get you started on your oils journey right away
  • 25% off first and all future orders (no ordering requirements)
  • A 30 minute 1:1 Wellness Consult with me
  • Access to our private customer Facebook group where you can ask all your questions and learn with a community of like-minded, health conscious people
  • Essential Oils reference app so you can look up ailments and oils for the best solutions
  • Access to our extensive trainings, resources, education on oils, supplements, health and eating psychology
  • Access to our online education which will give you in depth education on the Top 10 oils
  • Team giveaways!
  • Optional: access to business training and support

Frequently asked questions 

What is LRP?
The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered on the program, as well as points back for shipping, which can then be used as chase to purchase doTERRA products. This program offers you the biggest savings and is fully customisable. You begin at 10% back and move up to a maximum of 30% back over time!

Do I have to sell oils?
No, you don't. Most of our customers are simply avid oil users. But if you do find you'd like to share oils with friends and family, or would like to build your own doTERRA business, let me know and I can help you with that.

Do I have to order every month?

Why do I need to open an account?
This ensures you buy the purest oils, at the best price, at 25% off. Plus, this gives you access to our private customer community where you'll receive all the benefits above and gives you the possibility to get free products!

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