Why use essential oils

To keep it short, I’ll give you the top 4 reasons why I love using essential oils: 👉they offer a pu...

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9 tips for an easier menstrual cycle

IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH YOUR MONTHLY CYCLE, this is for you >> But first, let’s be clear on one thing.....

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2 reasons to help your liver detox

Have you been sitting there thinking you have a liver whose job it is to neutralise harmful toxins, ...

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What happens when you don't hear your body

This is one hard truth we all need to know about self responsibility. Your body gives you feedback a...

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Silence your inner critic

Do you have daily mental health practices? Ideally, we’d all be able to manage our emotions like a z...

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Peri-menopause balance

These may blow your peri-menopausal mind. It’s menopause awareness month so I thought it would be a ...

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Struggling to get enough sleep?

How many hours of sleep do you get on average? Maybe you find it hard to fall asleep, or maybe you g...

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How long does shipping take?

This is a blog entry. When in Edit mode and viewing any blog entry, you can simply click on the titl...

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2 Predictions for your health

YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU. The great thing about health, is that we do know when something wil...

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Creating New Habits

Do you sabotage yourself when it comes to making positive change? I know I do. It's interesting how ...

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2 ways to support your liver today

Water helps your liver to flush toxins out. When your liver is sluggish and dehydrated, it has a har...

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Why switch from candles to diffusers?

Hygge time in Denmark means the candles come out. The hygge trend has increased candle sales so I th...

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Fine lines do NOT like these oils

Before sharing with you, I like to experiment and try things out myself. So here’s one… My face was ...

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The world's ONLY pharmaceutical grade lavender

Let’s chat about what pharmaceutical grade lavender oil means, and proves, as to why not all oils ar...

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Emotional Aromatherapy System

Hands up who hasn’t gone a little stir crazy in the last year… … Yeah, thought so. Essential oils ca...

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Supplements for kids

Do you have children? Do you give them supplements? People sometimes ask me why I, as a nutritionist...

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My #1 oil usage hack

Can you guess what the #1 way is to boost ALL your oil usage? Water. Let me explain… The integrity a...

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The oil of femininity

Do you have a favourite perfume? It’s one of those things that can feel so personal and hard to let ...

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Did you know this about your bath?

Did you know that warm/hot water, stimulates the vagus nerve?? You might have heard me talk about 't...

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Is It Me, Or Are These Bottles SO PRETTY?!

Wouldn't you agree that these are aesthetically pleasing little bottles? We know the oils work, but ...

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