The Science Of Aroma

You know when you walk past a flower bush and you smell the lovely aroma? That’s the essential oil v...

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Why You Need To Detox Your Armpits!

Have you ever detoxed your armpits? I did it yesterday - here’s why - you have lymph nodes there. Th...

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Can I Take Oils Internally?

Some people get freaked out when they see me taking oils internally. And with good reason! A recent ...

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Got Tired mama eyes?

Oh my gosh, I love my kids but I’ve also been sleep deprived for so many years. I feel it. If you’re...

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Want better sleep?

Could you use a good night's sleep? I love using serenity capsules and oil blend every night to supp...

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Ear support

Support little ears with occasional discomfort and/or if they’re in need of some flow (works for big...

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What I feed my skin

Your skin naturally produces oil to heal, protect, moisturise, lubricate. The more you scrub and use...

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morning hydration ritual

I don't think I could make it through a day without my lemon essential oil (I could, I totally could...

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How fast do oils work?

We live in a fast paced world - fast food, fast cars, we want immediate results - 24hr shopping, spe...

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Meet your vagus nerve

Have you heard of the vagus nerve? If not, I’d like to introduce you. Vagus means ‘wanderer’ and fr...

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What is in my wellness box this month

Come take a peek at what I’ve got in my wellness box this month... 1. Lifelong Vitality supplements:...

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5 things i cannot live without this month

What five things couldn't you live without this month? Me?... 1. my oils, obvs. Is that cheating? O...

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essential spring support

Spring is right around the corner and that means more seasonal threats are, too! I started struggli...

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On body image

It’s never about anyone else. It’s always about you. The way you feel about yourself. The way you vi...

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essential oils for pregnancy

Many pregnant mums become extra concerned about the products they use. And with good reason! Prepari...

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must have oils for your bathroom

This is where you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, last thing at night. The average wo...

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2 tips for teeth grinders!

Does someone in your house grind their teeth? It's a noise that totally makes you cringe! Both of ou...

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My Daily essentials

You hear me talking about the Top 10 oils quite a bit - the ones that make up the most popular start...

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Do you know who is behind the products you buy?

Do you know who is behind the products you buy? Conscious consumerism is important to me (not just i...

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Have you done a bodymindsoul inventory?

When was the last time you did a bodymindsoul inventory? Checking into where you’re at in each of th...

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