What happens when you don't hear your body

This is one hard truth we all need to know about self responsibility.

Your body gives you feedback all day long. The main signals you recognise are hunger and tiredness, we all know those. And then you have others like colds, sore throat…these are called acutes. They’re a good sign! Yet you might ignore them for a while because you’re busy.

Then they get a bit worse, you take a pill to ‘fix’ what’s going wrong in your body. But nothing’s going wrong. These signs show you that your body has the smarts and the energy to fight whatever is causing an issue (like producing histamine when pollen is difficult for your body to deal with, leading to itchy eyes, runny nose etc).

But, well, busy life, a pill or a cream is faster and means we don’t have to think about what our bodies are trying to tell us. And so we suppress the symptoms.

Over time, the more acutes we suppress, the fewer chances we give our bodies to detox, the closer we are to a chronic illness. This is longer, the body isn’t able to fix this on its own anymore.

What to do?

1.prevention is better than cure. The majority of illnesses are caused by lifestyle!
2.make friends with natural solutions. You know what my go to is, and you also have homeopathy, herbs, supplements, chiropractors, osteopaths etc

Support the acutes to be effective, and your long term health will thank you (so will your body awareness).

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