9 tips for an easier menstrual cycle


But first, let’s be clear on one thing...

Debilitating menstrual cycles, heaviness, extreme pain, can be common, but it’s not ‘normal’. As a teen I had so much pain I’d be in bed 1-2 days each month 😩. I used to think this was just ‘my thing’. Diet and lifestyle changed ‘my thing’ almost overnight. Physical symptoms are your body’s voice telling you something ain’t right.

Healthy Period Essentials:
👉slow down. You’re not meant to barge through as if it’s not happening. Female intuition and connection is heightened during your flow time. It's a time when your body mind speaks up louder than usual. When you learn to tune into this, it can be a real gift of guidance. Take a slower day, honour it.
👉ditch the xenoestrogens, aka harmful chemicals in your personal care and cleaning products. These directly impact hormonal balance.
👉use natural menstrual products: organic tampons, better still, for your cycle and the environment - cotton reusable pads, diva cup, period pants (so easy).
👉caster oil packs over your ovaries - these are great for pain and helping to regulate your cycle (with clarycalm or clarysage)
👉Look at your nutrition (this is huge - send me a PM to work with me on this)

Natural solutions to soothe and balance:
👉Deep blue oil blend for soothing lower belly, lower back, upper thighs
👉ClaryCalm blend: balance hormones, support symptoms of PMS and menopause, support low moods
👉 Phytoestrogen:helps balance and support hormone levels, uncomfortable PMS symptoms, peri-menopause and menopause
👉Magnesium supplement. Especially for painful periods, you need this to relax the muscles. It’s a game changer

Want to create a natural menstrual support pack with oils and supplements? Send me a PM and I’ll help you with that.

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