The oil of femininity

Do you have a favourite perfume?

It’s one of those things that can feel so personal and hard to let go of if you have a favourite. Now that I’ve switched to all natural everything, I can’t even cycle behind someone wearing perfume without squirming. Hospital entrances (in Denmark at least) ask people not to enter if wearing perfume.

When you use synthetics, your body goes into protect and survival mode. It wraps those synthetics, that it doesn’t recognise, into pockets of fat in order to keep them away from your major organs, to keep you alive. It puts your entire system on alert - nervous system hormonal, digestive etc, digestion etc. On the other hand  when you use totally pure, natural pure-fumes, this affects your cells in a positive way, actually allowing them to release what they don’t need. Isn’t that beautiful?

What’s more, with essential oils you have a gazillion all natural choices - match your day’s pure-fume to the mood you want to have. This blend, Whisper, is my daily go-to. Here’s why:
💫it creates a uniquely personal fragrance by combining each individual’s chemistry, which means that it smells different on everyone, amazing!
💫it has hormone balancing properties
💫it can boost libido
💫it’s feminine and gorgeous. I apply it behind my ears every single day.

Are you still using synthetic perfume and would like to make the switch? Comment below or send me a PM, I’d love to help you with that - and perhaps even match your new pure-fume to any health changes you’re wanting to make!

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