Supplements for kids

Do you have children? Do you give them supplements?

People sometimes ask me why I, as a nutritionist, give my kids supplements if they ‘should’ already be eating right. Supplementing isn’t just about food, and it needs to be smart. We don’t just give supplements for the sake of it. My kids don’t get them during the summer when we’re in the countryside for weeks on end, for example. So, why do we supplement…

1. I’m human 😉 So is Dominic. We do our best to feed them a balanced, varied diet, but that doesn’t always happen.
2. They are individuals with their own minds and our 5 yo doesn’t always eat the food we give her (‘doesn’t always’ = often doesn’t…keeping it real here).
3. The quality of our modern foods isn’t what it used to be. It takes 12 pieces of fruit & vegetables to get the nutrients that 5 a day used to get us when I was a kid.
4. Our girls are sensitive which means their nervous systems need that extra bit of support.

When I first started with doTERRA I didn’t blindly switch to their vitamins, I compared the ingredients to the supplements we were giving our kids back then. Hands down, these are far superior. Not only that, but within a month of giving the A2Z vitamins to our eldest, we saw a clear difference in her - sleep, mood, brighter eyes, energy (the superfoods in there make a big difference!). Admittedly, they don’t taste as good as the gummy bear versions (these don’t have any high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, sweetness or flavours) so it took time to transition them over. Patience is key, we’re in for the long run.

5 yo asked me the other day why other kids have snot running down their nose whereas she and her sister have never had that. Yes they get colds, but they’re in and out within a couple of days and no snot overload ;)

The probiotics are tasty and ridiculously easy to take - none of that powder in the fridge needing to sit for a bit before you drink it etc.

Do you have questions about how to support your kids’ health this coming school season? Comment below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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