My #1 oil usage hack

Can you guess what the #1 way is to boost ALL your oil usage?


Let me explain…

The integrity and efficiency of your cells depends on your water intake. In order to let nutrients and minerals IN, and for toxins to move OUT of your cells, your cells need to be hydrated and permeable. Imagine a shrivelled up cell, next to a beautifully round, plump one. It’s clear which one is most effective.

Now, as the oils I speak about here are 100% pure - no additives or fillers - this means that the aroma molecules are small enough to be absorbed into the cell via passive transport (movement of molecules across a cell membrane without requiring energy input). As they're all natural the cell can put them to good use, instantly.

So, when your water intake is optimal, your cells are hydrated, healthy and able to do their work as best they can - this means that the effect of the oils you use whether aromatically, topically or internally, is enhanced when your hydration levels are up.

Imagine those nice round cells just lapping up those aroma molecules, so happy for the pure support nature is offering them!

Already use oils? Does this encourage you to drink more water??

Don’t have oils yet but ready to begin? I’d love to support you on your journey - send me a PM and I’ll help you get started (the most popular starter kits are 10-20% off this month!).

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