Did you know this about your bath?

Did you know that warm/hot water, stimulates the vagus nerve?? You might have heard me talk about 'the vagus' a few times now - and that's because it's key to supporting your nervous system. So you step into that beautiful warm water, your muscles relax and your vague nerve is activated.

Add to that some epsom salts for the magnesium. Add to that some essential oils that are known to relax the nervous system and 🤯 - don't you just love a super easy, maximising, wellness hack?! I'm all about keeping things simple and super do-able, otherwise it just doesn't happen.

Never enjoy a regular bath again.

(for real though - no more chemicals in your bath. Your poor nervous system tries to relax, but it's inhaling and absorbing toxins which puts it into survival mode. No, organic, lavender bath salts or bubbles aren't clean enough - look at the ingredients. Only purity will do what it's meant to do).

My favourite bath oils to use are Deep Blue, Lavender, Serenity, Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile.

Don't have oils yet and would like to try a sample? Send me a PM with your address and I'll pop one in the post for you.

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