Why You Need To Detox Your Armpits!

Have you ever detoxed your armpits? I did it yesterday - here’s why - you have lymph nodes there. These filter substances brought there by your lymph drainage system and help your body fight infection and disease. Now, if you’re not using natural deodorant yet, you’re spreading toxins right onto your lymph nodes, giving them extra toxins and work to make safe.
Detoxing your pits helps to remove things like phthalates, parabens, aluminium and other chemicals from your non-natural skincare products.

This face mask is ideal for the task. Pop it on before your shower, let it dry 5 mins, wash off.

Supporting your body via detoxing your skin, dry skin brushing, using natural products etc reduces your overall toxic load, giving your body more space for growth rather than constant rebuilding or survival.

Save this post for later so you remember to do it! 

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