The Science Of Aroma

You know when you walk past a flower bush and you smell the lovely aroma? That’s the essential oil volatile aromatic compounds dispersing into the air. This is why the effects can be almost immediate - you open a bottle, the aromatic compounds waft out, you inhale them, they interact with your olfactory receptors and from here travel to your limbic system, where memories, emotions are stored. This then sets of a cascade of responses in your body depending on what the scent triggers in your learned memory (95% of your thoughts are subconscious, they’re there via learned memory from what you’ve been taught and experienced personally).

Imagine having essential oils on hand to support you in creating the feeling you want from the moment you wake up, setting the scene for the day, to the moment you go to bed, assisting you in letting go of the day’s events so that your brain can switch off and recalibrate overnight.

Now, talk of aroma isn’t all sweetness. Your brain is also affected by synthetic aromas - these are foreign and must be ‘made safe’ by your body, causing stress. The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that cleaning your home once a week can lead to lung damage equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day!! There is so much we can't control (furnishings, pollution etc) but there is also so much we CAN control. Make good choices.

Fascinating isn't it!?

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