Can I Take Oils Internally?

Some people get freaked out when they see me taking oils internally. And with good reason! A recent study of 59 popular oil brands found that 80% of the oils on the market are adulterated. 80%! We’re talking dilution, synthetics, fragrance etc. The bottle might say organic or 100% pure - it doesn’t mean it is. I don’t know about you, but I find this shocking, and scary. 
doTERRA oils are not only safe to use internally, they are recommended. The CPTG standard means these oils are medicinal grade, and are completely safe to ingest. You can put them in your mouth or drink them in water. If you don’t like the taste, put them in a veggie capsule (that’s like concocting your own little natural remedy). I love adding citrus oils to my water several times a day to support internal cleansing. As a naturopathic nutritionist, this is one of my top daily health recommendations. Ever heard of the benefits of squeezing lemon into your warm water first thing in the morning? Oils are 50-70x more powerful than herbs, so imagine what 1 drop of lemon oil can do for you (plus it’s alkaline so won’t ruin the enamel of your teeth)! Supporting your organs of detoxification, on a daily basis, is one of the best health habits to get into. The oils make it so easy to do! Other reasons you might want to take them internally could be for digestive support, immune support, Spring seasonal support, cellular health, for example (plus it makes it much easier to guzzle on more water each day as it tastes delicious!).
I love that we have choices, options, to switch things up and see what works best for us, supporting out health from the outside in and from the inside, out.

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