What I feed my skin

Your skin naturally produces oil to heal, protect, moisturise, lubricate. The more you scrub and use harsh abrasive or chemical products to counter- act this natural function, the more difficult you make it for that protective layer to do its best for you.
Water is not absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin, but oily substances are. Oil particles are small enough get absorbed through the skin, to hydrate at a deeper level - and into the bloodstream - hence the importance of using only pure, natural oils.

Natural products allow your skin to breathe, help to attract moisture to the skin and to hold it in there without clogging your pores. Chemical moisturisers often seal in moisture on a surface level clogging the pores which are then not able to breathe and receive regular supplies of oxygen. It's like suffocating your skin – in the long run it’s going to be harder and harder to make up for the effects of harmful chemicals.

Here are two of the oils I use daily on my skin:
Yarrow Pom: supports collagen production (smoother, plumper skin = fewer wrinkles); powerful antioxidant (stop those hooligans damaging cells); fine lines
Frankincense: Helps rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections (reduced my brown pregnancy spots by 80%!);

And because the oils are so versatile, scroll through to see how else you can use these two.

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