Want better sleep?

Could you use a good night's sleep? I love using serenity capsules and oil blend every night to support me in getting to sleep and sleeping better - and at the very least, waking up way more rested than I otherwise would be after an unsettled night. I could not believe the difference, even with several night wakings, these capsules make it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning without having to drag myself out. And of course, they’re totally natural and non addictive. Huge win in my book.

Then I rub a drop of Serenity oil blend on my jaw to relax any tension held there (there’s usually some by the end of the day 😉 and I pop it in the diffuser because the scent is like rainbows and stardust).

p.s) not sleeping because you have a snorer in the room…the respiratory blend is what you need. We call it the ‘snore oil’. Don’t have a doTerra account and desperate to try any of these oils? Send me a PM and I’ll sort that out for you.

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