Ear support

Support little ears with occasional discomfort and/or if they’re in need of some flow (works for big ears too!).

I’ve been into oils for year, Dominic, not so much. This is what made him put our oils in alphabetical order and start using them 😉 Our youngest had been crying for 3 months, day in, day out. The doctors wouldn’t believe anything was wrong. They called me paranoid. They told me to go deal with it. I took her 5 times - and to the hospital. They eventually agreed to send us to a specialist. The pressure in her ear was 200 - it’s meant to be 50! I was nervous about the general anaesthetic and the grommets as she loved splashing about in water. So I tried my new oils. These oils. On the second application, thick liquid came out of her nose. She looked at me and smiled. The ear doc checked her ears and was amazing (and ignored me when I told her I used oils ;)). She asked if we should still operate. Holy Moly!!

We’ve used this a few times since, when they’ve had occasional ear discomfort (usually at night - I’m so grateful to have these effective tools to hand at times like that, and to know that there is so much I can do to support my family, naturally), or when they’re TALKING A BIT TOO LOUD and I realise perhaps they need some flow in there.

Ready to get started with oils? I recommend the Home Essentials kit to begin with - check out my ‘buy oils’ page. Or reach out to me if you’d like my help. 

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