morning hydration ritual

I don't think I could make it through a day without my lemon essential oil (I could, I totally could, and have done, many times, but here’s why I don’t want to….). Have you ever thought of the word breakfast as break-fast. You literally are breaking the overnight fast. Whilst you sleep, your body is BUSY cleaning up.

Come morning time, you want to help your body to flush out all the toxic waste it’s gathered up overnight (including cleaning up your brain cells - oh thank you body!), by hydrating. This will make a difference to your energy levels and pretty much everything else (just like spring cleaning - clear out the junk = clearer, brighter being).

Here’s what you want to do - first thing in the morning, before food, a big glass of water with a drop of lemon oil and a pinch of natural sea or pink himalaya salt (to replenish your electrolytes). Make this your non-negotiable morning ritual. It’s too easy to miss out on.

 What non-negotiable morning rituals do you have? 

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