Got Tired mama eyes?

Oh my gosh, I love my kids but I’ve also been sleep deprived for so many years. I feel it. If you’re a mama or anyone with disturbed sleep, you know what it’s like!
I diffuse this Serenity blend every single night. On its own or combined with other oils. I also apply it to my wrists. You can make a room or linen spray. Enjoy it in an epsom salt bath. Add it to non scented body lotion. Anyone grind their teeth at night in your house? Apply it (diluted) along their jawline. Works like magic (my girls used to grind their teeth until we did this). Plus, it smells beautiful.

I’ve had trouble getting to sleep since I was a teen and this oil supports me tremendously. I also take Serenity softgel capsules every night before bed. The beauty with these is that, even if I wake up 5 times a night due to one child or the other (our new puppy will soon be adding to that!), I still wake up rested and I can actually get out of bed. That’s a huge improvement on before when I had to drag myself out of bed feeling totally groggy.

If you need support in the sleep department and want to give these a go, send me a PM. 

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