must have oils for your bathroom

This is where you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, last thing at night. The average woman will observe over 10 things (without even realising it!) that she doesn't like about her body. The way you feel about your external body affects your mood your confidence, your choices, your capability even.

Try aromatic dressing to turn that around and set yourself up for greater self love, or at least acceptance and gratitude (you don't need to love your body right now, but you do need the latter two to step into a kinder  relationship with yourself).

Place 5 drops of your preferred essential oils in a little pot, to 1 Tbsp fractionated coconut oil (non greasy, absorbs quickly, gives you silky soft skin! I kid you not!) and consciously apply to your whole body, starting from the feet up, bringing conscious awareness and thanks to each part of your body.

Here are some oils you can try out: grapefruit for body acceptance, geranium for love, patchouli for body connection, bergamot for confidence, clary sage for clarity, cypress for trust and flow. There are more, but here's where to start. I combine any of these together or just one with frankincense added to it.

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