essential spring support

Spring is right around the corner and that means more seasonal threats are, too!

I started struggling with this at 18 years old, living by the banks of the Seine. Nowadays, I love to support my system using lemon, lavender and peppermint - does the trick right away.

Here's how I use them: 2 drops of each in a shot of water, 2-3 x day; 2 drops of each in the diffuser; 2 drops of each in a glass roller bottle (this is what I use on our 5yo, under her feet and along her spine. Works a treat and I feel safe using this to support her for the long term).

And if you don’t like fiddling about with these gorgeous little bottles, there’s also a ready made capsule version for you.

You also want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to support your liver, look after your gut  to strengthen immunity, and if you can get your hands on some local raw honey.

Hands up who needs this in Spring time?!

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