5 things i cannot live without this month

What five things couldn't you live without this month?

1. my oils, obvs. Is that cheating? Ok, so I'll add in English radio. It makes me feel cosy and familiar.
2. acupressure mat - we've used it daily for over 10 years! Amazing for back pain, shoulder & head tension and instant relaxing
3. cold raw cacao drink (plant milk + 1 date. Takes 1 min) + 1 drop either Wild Orange (because, chocolate orange ) or Cinnamon (great for managing sugar cravings)
4. full adult size, foldable bathtub Dominic gave me for Christmas! I LOVE it. I so missed having a bath all these years we’ve been living here, this truly was a magical gift. Having a soak with my epsom salts + oils (deep blue is my favourite at the moment) is such an easy way to instantly unwind. Glorious.
5. magnesium cream - on our 5 year old's feet at night to help her sleep and for me during my time of the month.

What about you?

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