Do you know who is behind the products you buy?

Do you know who is behind the products you buy? Conscious consumerism is important to me (not just in regards to oils, but in every area, as much as possible).

In this day and age, our world needs more businesses that put GOOD business practices at the forefront. When I chose to start using doTERRA oils, I looked into all sides. Integrity, sustainability, transparency, ethical. This is what I found.

With doTERRA there is no broker or middle man (a rarity in the oils industry), meaning that we can be sure that every step of the way is in accordance with doTERRA’s values ‘Grow the best, help the most'. They form close, exclusive, partnerships with their grower communities around the world, making sure that they contribute to positive local change and growth. It’s not about coming in, grabbing the product, and running with it. It’s about raising each community with what the local people need most, be it running water, schools, hospitals, micro-loans.

doTERRA form cooperatives with the small scale farmers they partner with, not only providing jobs in some of the poorest areas in developing countries, but also securing their work for the long term. 98% of these contracts are exclusive to doTERRA which means that the farming communities are looked after, best growing practices are used and adhered to, and the plants are not tampered with. The local farmers and growers own their land, keeping them in control. We work with environmental scientists to make sure that the plants and their optimal, local habitats, are there for the long term.

Search on youtube for doterra co-impact sourcing, you’ll be blown away by the way doTERRA works (you might shed a tear or two, I do).

Is this something that you think about when you buy things?

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