My Daily essentials

You hear me talking about the Top 10 oils quite a bit - the ones that make up the most popular starter kit. But what then? Well, aside from supplements, these are oils that I use every single day:

* Adaptive roller: back of my neck to help me adapt (does what it says on the roller) to whatever the day brings
* Whisper: purefume. Behind my ears every day. Delicious and calming
* Clarycalm: rolled over my lower abdomen for hormonal every single day to soothe the monthly hormone journey
* Balance: under my feet every morning to ground
* Elevation: in my diffuser or under my feet to promote a positive mood and feelings of confidence
* Neroli: over my heart & wrists for love and kindness to self and others. Plus I adore the smell!

So as well as using some of the Top 10 in my daily routine, the above are also there, but it does sometimes change. That’s the beauty, I have these tools that I can switch up according to my needs.

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