Got The Winter Blues?

January can seem soooo long, and then February tends to get all the blame. The good news is, I've got an oil for you, and I know it makes a difference. One lady in our community says that since she’s been using oils, it’s the first time she feels she can get through the winter without feeling low the entire time.

I diffuse citrus oils every single day for this purpose. I like to mix several of them together, or with peppermint for an energy boost. When I forget to put my diffuser on I immediately feel a difference (truth be told, so does my family!!). I need this. To be able to get my work done in a happy, effective way, to be a patient mother, to be a happier girlfriend, it helps me be more awake to the world rather than getting caught up in my own little bubble.

Tell me, which is your favourite and least favourite month of the year?

(and if you’d like to try oils to support your winter moods, send me a message, you know where I am).

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