Do you multi-task?

Hands up if you’re a multi-tasking Queen! Did you know that your brain cannot, in fact, multitask? Ladies, there, I said it! Your brain loves to ONE TASK. You may think you’re good at multitasking but your brain actually jumps in and out of each thing you’re doing. It’s like interval training for your brain Or hoping in and out of tabs one after the other.

Exhausting. No wonder you feel like binge eating at the end of the day or eating foods you wouldn’t have chosen that morning. Your brain is exhausted from all the decisions you’ve given it throughout the day, not to mention the constant activity.

Batching activities is one way to combat the multi-tasking habit. I like to batch my creative work into a few hours so my brain is on it, instead of also checking emails or setting up oils classes.

Where can you improve your schedule to batch activities - walking past that pile of laundry on your way to get something in the bedroom, without getting distracted (we all know how it goes - mamas, I know you do!). Diffuse oils like peppermint, lemon, rosemary to encourage focus and memory.

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