Silence your inner critic

Do you have daily mental health practices?

Ideally, we’d all be able to manage our emotions like a zen monk, but I haven’t cracked that nut yet.

Instead, what I do, is to set myself up for greater self acceptance, forgiveness and honouring my needs. Yeah, I haven’t cracked that nut yet either, but I do believe in setting the tone for my day.

I don’t have a "9-step morning routine" to follow. But I do have my oils. I know that my inner mean girl is going to pop up at some point (or several times), and stay for a bit (or way longer than is polite). She likes to invite along the voice of failure, self sabotage, body negativity, not good enough-ness and a host of other friends.

So I use oils. Many, but this one is my favourite for self acceptance and to release any self depreciation:
*a drop in my non scented body lotion
*several drops in the diffuser with another oil
*a drop in my palms and inhale

I combine it with my favourite affirmation of the moment ‘I am enough/I am worthy/I deserve health and happiness’ etc

Want to learn more about using oils for emotional support? Pop a YES in the comments below, or send me a PM and I’ll send you the link to my class on oils for emotional support (we go into neuroscience, I love it).

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