Struggling to get enough sleep?

How many hours of sleep do you get on average?

Maybe you find it hard to fall asleep, or maybe you get enough hours but they’re disturbed - kids, perimenopause, anxious thoughts, toilet visits…

We all know how important sleep is - your body is busy clearing, sorting and repairing overnight. You need to sleep so it can do this, and be ready for the next day.

Imagine your daily work load…and what would happen if you didn’t get around to it day after day after day (we all know what it felt like having kids home during lockdown and still having to get work done! I’ll bet your energy was zapped and you didn’t have much surplus for anything). Now imagine that happening in your body when you don’t get enough sleep. No wonder you end up feeling depressed, impatient, unable to focus, your memory wavers, hormones out of whack, weaker immunity etc...

Help is at hand. A diffuser really IS a sleeping machine!! We have one in our bedroom and each of the girls have one in theirs. It’s an integral part of our nightly routine.

Here are my top starter recommendations to support better sleep:

- balance and serenity in the diffuser and/or on your wrists to soothe the nervous system
- vetiver to quieten a busy mind: a drop under the big toes (reflex point for the brain) and a drop in the diffuser if you struggle with busy-brain
- air in the diffuser for clear breathing (great if you have a snorer in the house!)
- serenity softgels: these were a life changer for my ability to get up in the morning after many child-induced night wakings (our youngest would wake 2-8 times a night, for years!). Literally made the difference between me being able to get out of bed, or not. I take 2 of these capsules every night before bed

Even if I sleep well, I still use these to make sure I have the best quality sleep possible, it’s all about optimisation. And that way I’m covered in case I do have kid wakings and full moon sleep disruptions ;)

What are your best tips for a good night of sleep? Pop them below!

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