2 Predictions for your health


The great thing about health, is that we do know when something will make a positive difference, like removing as many toxins from your life as possible.

Here are 2 predictions for your future if you make the switch today:
-more balanced hormones
-more balanced moods

There’s more, but that’s already a good start, wouldn't you agree?

The average woman uses 12 products with over 168 harmful ingredients on her skin, daily, 80% of which gets absorbed into the bloodstream within about 20 minutes (this also includes what you absorb through your olfactory system, such as perfumes and sprays). Many of these have not been monitored for safety. Endocrine disruptors, like parabens and suplhates, are chemicals that alter normal hormone function. When these get into your body, they mimic your natural hormones - blocking hormone receptors that would otherwise welcome real hormones that instruct that cell.

See how this could totally mess up your natural hormone synergy and function?!

Hormone imbalance is not fun to live with. It’s hard enough as women to keep up with the lifestyle and dietary choices we need to make to maintain or re-find hormone balance, without adding to this through the daily products we use.

As a Naturopathic Nutritionist I am passionate about educating you in the benefits of a life less-toxic. Let's use Mother Earth’s inherent wisdom where ours has been led astray through marketing, consumerism, pretty packaging and a disconnection to the world around us. Doesn’t it sound sensible to you to use natural products rather than man-made ingredients that we don’t fully know the effects of?

I’ll bet you never thought that switching to natural personal care and household products could be one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health?!

Is your future self ready to make the switch today? Send me a PM if you’re ready to chat about bringing oils into your health and wellness journey.

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