Why switch from candles to diffusers?

Hygge time in Denmark means the candles come out. The hygge trend has increased candle sales so I thought now would be a good time to have a down & dirty talk about candles…

Many of the popular candles these days are so pretty, but harmful to your health. Remember that you breathe in what’s in the air.
Candles contributors to indoor air pollution and are considered as dangerous as second hand smoke 😱


➡️Candles contain toxic ingredients we do not want to breathe in
➡️The wicks are made with heavy metals, causing our air to be full of heavy metal toxins.
➡️The wax contains known carcinogens and the toxins released from a burning candle are the same as those found in diesel fuel🤢

While the scents can be delicious, it’s artificial fragrance. Fragrance can be up to 3,000 different chemicals! The companies don’t even have to divulge the ingredients because they’re protected by trade secret 🤔

The chemicals found in candles have been linked to:

❌neurological problems
❌reproductive problems
❌respiratory problems
❌hormone disruptors, and more.

When I first found out about this I made the switch to soy and beeswax candles. That ended up being pricey so I was happy when I discovered diffusers!!

Now, not a day goes by when our diffusers aren’t on - natural, safe, and effective!

…and by the way, with their little light and beautiful scents, diffusers are totally a hygge item!!

Check out my stories today for some of my favorite oils to diffuse!

🙌 hands up who used to (or still has) one of those candle burners where you add oils to the water at the top? (the heat of the candle changes the composition of the oil and it doesn’t have the impact on mood and purifying the ajr 😩. Mine was well used for years until Iearned this 😭).

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