The world's ONLY pharmaceutical grade lavender

Let’s chat about what pharmaceutical grade lavender oil means, and proves, as to why not all oils are equal…A new study in the journal of pharmaceutical and biochemical analysis shows that doTERRA’s lavender oil is pharmaceutical grade. This means:

*the oil must consistently be pure and hold the same levels of the (natural) chemical constituents linalool and linalool acetate. For example, if you were to take a medication for something and were told to take X dosage, but that medication wasn’t consistent and sometimes you got Y or even A, this would not be pharmaceutical grade.
*2/3 of lavender on the market is adulterated and of poor quality
*doTERRA’s lavender is the ONLY lavender which has satisfied this consistency over the last 4 years *The other 1/3 of the oils above, may have satisfied the requirement one time or another, have not satisfied it consistently (again, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting or if it’s going to have the effect you want). This was thought to be impossible in the essential oil industry and doTERRA just proved it!
*one of the reasons doTERRA can be so steady with consistency is through our co-impact sourcing principles, where we have exclusive agreements with the growers, so no middle man is involved, and the potential to change the oil by cutting it, adulterating it.
*a human clinical trial has shown that doTERRA’s lavender oil is absorbed 2x better than a synthetic version (smells like lavender but made in a lab).
*doTERRA’s Lavender oil is considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in essential oils. 32 brands of lavender oil labelled for internal use were compared for this study

We need the data and scientific backing. This is why our oils work. This is why not all oils are created equal. This is why you can use these oils to create real, positive change for your health and that of your family.

When you’re ready to do that, I’m here to make sure you know to use your oils as well as provide you with a supportive community where we have ongoing education, programs and oil camps regularly to bring you to that next level of understanding and oil usage.

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