Fine lines do NOT like these oils

Before sharing with you, I like to experiment and try things out myself. So here’s one…

My face was dry when I came back from hols in France - combination of sun and not having my usual skin care products with me. Anyway, I wanted that fresh, plumper feeling back, so I tried out a caster oil face pack. Caster oil is a special oil, it’s good for so many things (see my earlier post on caster oil packing), and when it comes to skin:

1. it penetrates into the skin to boost the production of collagen (good for wrinkles!)
2. it’s humectant so it hydrates and makes the skin softer and smoother
3. helps with brow and lash growth (anyone else over pluck brows back when it was the trend?!)
4. reduces puffy eyes
5. apparently it helps with pigmentation

Add Frankincense, Black Spruce and Yarrow Pom oils to support the pigmentation, fine lines and collagen.

Wash face. Then add 2 drops of each oil to about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of caster oil, applied it to neck (great for your thyroid) and face, including lips and around the eyes. Left it on overnight (it stains, so make sure you do it at least 1hr before bed to give it time to absorb).
Rinse off in the morning - or in my case, forget and it’s still totally fine 😉

Are you tempted to try this?

Don’t have oils yet and want to create your 100% natural skincare routine kit? PM me and I’ll help you get started. 

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