Emotional Aromatherapy System

Hands up who hasn’t gone a little stir crazy in the last year…

Yeah, thought so.

Essential oils can affect your emotional state in seconds. The aromamolecules travel via your olfactory nerve to your limbic brain where you house your emotions. Aromamolecules act like chemical messengers bringing new information to your cells. External support that can bypass your monkey mind to bring some useful instructions in.

Here are some blends to get you in the mood - peace? Cheer? Console? Forgive? Motivate? Passion?

The easiest is to pop a drop in the palm of your hand, rub together, cup over your nose and mouth, take some deep breaths. As often as needed. You’ll feel things shift in seconds.

Curious to learn what else oils can do? Pop along to the link in my bio to download my freebie ebook all about that (and join my newsletter - you will love one of the recordings I share with you!!).

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