Creating New Habits

Do you sabotage yourself when it comes to making positive change?

I know I do.

It's interesting how your body and heart know something, but it takes a little longer for your brain to follow. I'll get thoughts about changes I need to make in my health and life, but "I'll get to it later” comes in and adds it to the list. The thing is that I now notice when I do this, and it’s usually when I want to work on various things at once. The last time I had it was when I wanted to do face yoga, and work on my digestive issues, and start regular yoga again and pelvic floor exercises and start fermenting foods and making my own bread again…all at the same time.


This sabotage isn't you. It's your brain. Your brain doesn't like change, because comfort, familiarity, is safety. Change is scary. What if it doesn't work? What if it puts you in danger? What if you lose friends, community? What if...

So, when my brain gets into overdrive like that, I acknowledge that I want all these things, all are beneficial and great, but which one is most pressing right now, which ONE will have the greatest impact on my wellbeing (physical or emotional). There’s usually one that sticks out. Then you make steps to put that in place. Your brain loves a plan, it loves routine and safety.

I invite you to check in - what health and wellness shifts are you consistently being invited into? Share your top 1 below - and if you’d like me as your wellness guide, send me a PM and we’ll chat through your options.

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