2 ways to support your liver today

Water helps your liver to flush toxins out. When your liver is sluggish and dehydrated, it has a harder time filtering toxins. This is why I’m so keen on daily detox habits - it’s what you do most of the time that counts.

The more you can bring little habits like this into your day, the more you support your body to do what it’s meant to do, so that you can get on with life.

Here’s what I drink every morning:

1. big glass of water with a drop of lemon oil & a tiny pinch of himalaya salt. The salt helps your body to hold onto the water (which is why too much salty food makes you bloat). The lemon is a powerful cleanser (oils are 50-70% more powerful than herbs so you can imagine how this supercharges your squeezed lemon in the morning!). It’s also alkaline so doesn’t ruin the enamel of your teeth (it doesn’t contain vitamin C though).

2. a shot glass of water with ACV + ginger and lemon. This actually tastes delicious (it’s the ginger oil - it’s so smooth). This supports healthy inflammation, brings antioxidants and supports the liver filtration.

Want to learn how to use oils in daily life? Pop over to the link in my bio to download my ebook on everyday oil usage.

ps) please only use doTerra oils internally

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