All Natural Skin Care

Is your face cream so natural that your dog wants to lick it off thinking it’s a delicious treat? 

I literally have to peel Joey's tongue off my face - I could leave it there as I know that the products I use are 100% clean so won’t poison him. But, when I’ve just enjoyed a lovely face routine, I don’t really want his sticky tongue all over (apparently the eye lids are his favourite spot, must be the additional yarrow pom I add there).

The average woman uses 12 products a day. That’s around 168 chemicals on average. Teens use on average 17 personal care products a day. These products have been shown to contain 16 different hormone disrupting chemicals. This is not good. For babies, children, teens, adults. Think of all the areas hormones includes - reproduction, illnesses, moods, energy, the list goes on.

Switching up your personal care products for 100% pure and clean products is easy, and enjoyable. There are beautiful, luscious options out there - these are my favourite and make my skin glow (very much needed!). Friends tell me I age backwards. I wouldn’t go that far, but they really are damn good.

Have you switched your personal care products for non-toxic ones yet?

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