Muscles need soothing?

after exercise
or during menstruation?
or to reduce feelings of tension for kids' growing legs?

This oil.

One of the great things about using natural options, is that you can reapply them as often as needed. Every 5 minutes, or 30, or every 2 hours or just twice a day. There’s no restriction as long as you dilute them and use them little and often.

And if it’s emotional traumas you want support with, again, use this one. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know the at I strongly believe that physical discomfort is intrinsically linked to our emotional life.

Knee discomfort? Maybe there’s something holding you back from moving forwards?
Lower back discomfort? There’s financial worry or lack of support.
Shoulders sore? Maybe you’re carrying too much responsibility on your own.
Sore neck? Maybe there’s a lack of mental flexibility in one way or the other...

Hands up if you can think of a time when you would have needed this oil!

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