the secret benefit of my natural pure-fume

Do you have a favourite perfume?
It’s one of those things that can feel so personal and hard to let go of if you have a favourite!
Now that I’ve switched to all natural everything, I can’t even cycle behind someone wearing perfume without squirming. Hospital entrances (in Denmark at least) ask people not to enter if wearing perfume. Hmmm…

Fragrance companies aren't required to disclose ingredients? And so you have the general term “fragrance.” Whenever you see this - whether on personal care products or household cleaning products, it ain’t good. Fragrances have been linked to health issues such as respiratory issues, allergic reactions, nervous system issues, skin and the list goes o.

With essential oils you have a gazillion all natural choices! This blend, Whisper, is my favourite. Here’s why:
- it creates a uniquely personal fragrance by combining each individual’s chemistry. That means that it smells different on everyone, amazing!
- it contains hormone balancing properties
- it can boost libido
- it’s feminine and gorgeous. I apply it behind my ears every single day.

Do you use your essential oils as a natural fragrance? Which is your favourite?

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