What every health seeker ought to know about the gut/brain connection

Have you heard about the enteric nervous system before? Well, what is it, is a second brain. Yep, you heard that right, you have a second brain – and it’s located in your gut.
Watch this video to find out why you need to know about this and exactly how it can help you to create the health you want.

This is my health, nutrition, wellbeing philosophy

This is my health, nutrition, wellbeing philosophy

Now that’s I’m back working in the health field – and LOVING it, I wanted to introduce you to my philosophy about nutrition, health and wellbeing so you know where I’m coming from in what I share on social media, in my newsletter and blog.

Are you experiencing nutritional confusion

Are you experiencing nutritional confusion?

Often times it’s the ‘should’, the mental blocks, cultural habits and upbringing that hold us back from making the choices that we know would work best for us, and sticking to them.
A lot of guilt and self blame comes along with that.

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3 Questions you need to stop obsessing over

Having your own business brings up all sorts of stuff…including a ton of excuses well disguised as ‘very real’ questions or thoughts that you simply cannot get your head around and prove to be a wonderful waste of your time, energy and confidence. Look, we all do it, so don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens, be kind to that overworking brain and vision of yours.

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What everybody ought to know about being extraordinary

I’ve been using this term in my business for years now and it’s not until recently that I realized it brings up quite some anxiety for some people. Why? Because of ‘not feeling enoughness’. Of not feeling extraordinary in our ordinary human lives.

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#projectmama: A self care sabbatical

I’m taking a 90 day sabbatical. The objective? Self-care ‘till 2017.

Much as it felt scary to make the decision, it feels equally exhilarating to share it with you, officially. You know, not one of my online business buddies told me this was ‘business suicide’. They know me. They understand why I’m doing this and more importantly, they trust that I know what I’m doing.


I have visibility issues!

You’d think I would be over visibility issues by now. I consider myself to be a pretty aware person and as I’m also protective of my private life I know where my boundaries are and what/where I’m happy sharing.

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