About Essential Oils

why use essential oils?

  • your current approach to health isn’t achieving the results it's supposed to
  • you're tired of using medications and chemicals for literally everything
  • you're confused by all the natural options out there and you don't have the time to research them all - you want guidance and simplicity
  • you want to increase your overall quality of life – whether you’re new to natural health or you’re a firm fan and want to raise the bar higher
...essential oils provide easy to use, on the go health solutions.

Why choose doterra?

Not all essential oils are created equal…

In a market where many essential oil companies claim to have ‘pure’ oils, you need to do your research. Over 80% of oils on the market are adulterated or cut with synthetics (even if it says pure or organic on the label).  
There is no industry standard, so doTERRA created their own (CPTG). This means you can trust their quality and purity to be beyond organic, with no perfumes, synthetics, fillers, contaminants or adulteration. Each batch undergoes multiple third party testing and doTERRA is the only company out there that is transparent with these results. One of the things I love the most, is that doTERRA sources its plant material from where it naturally thrives around the world. This affects the potency of the oils, which means that they work! This is why we use doTERRA.
Tea Tree
Skin irritations - Immune support - Healthy scalp

Immune support 

Cooling - Head tension - Energy

Cleansing - Detox

Sleep - Stress - Seasonal threats - Soothe occasional skin irritations
Glowing skin - Aches & Discomfort - Head tension

Digestive support - Motion sickness

Respiratory support 

On Guard
Immune support - Green cleaning - Oral health

Deep Blue
Soothes muscles - Head & neck tension

The top 10 oils

new to essential oils?

If you’re here, it means you're looking for effective, natural, self directed healthcare solutions and you’ve heard there’s something about doTERRA essential oils that is different, special. 
You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re brand new to dōTERRA, or you’ve been wanting to open an account but are confused by the various options and how to actually do it…I've got you covered in these pages - from why you want oils in your home, to why doterra, the most popular kits, the best way to buy oils and FAQs.

3 interesting things about essential oils

Safe. Effective. Affordable.

  • Oils are extracts from plants with amazing health benefits.
  • No foreign contaminants or fillers.
  • Certified pure and tested.
  • Extensive testing to ensure purity and potency.
They are effective
  • 50-70% more powerful than herbs
  • Sourced where they naturally grow best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry so it does what you want it to
  • No side effects, no addiction
They are affordable
  • Less is more - start with one drop
  • Cents per drop
  • Cheaper than taking the car or bus to the doctor!
  • And saves you a ton of time!

3 ways to use your oils

(referring to doTERRA oils only)

Inhale directly from bottle
Inhale from cupped hands

Apply directly to skin diluted with carrier oil. Ideal spots are nape, spine, chest & bottom of feet.


In a veggie capsule
Under your tongue
In your water

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Ready to begin your journey with essential oils? I’m excited for you! I do not say it lightly when I say that these oils are life changing. Maybe you’re doubtful you’ll know which oil to use for what; or you’re worried you’ll use them wrong; or maybe you have no idea how you'll include them in your daily life.

I’m here to make sure you become a confident, independent oil user. You’ll quickly learn how and why you’d want to include them into your everyday.

It’s my absolute passion to share what I know, have learned, studied and experienced in natural health and wellbeing, so that you are empowered to support yourself physically, emotionally, and on a personal growth level. When we feel better, we do better and I feel strongly about our responsibility to take control when it comes to trusting that we know best, and leading in our own lives.

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