Mindful health & Nutrition

Imagine feeling a sense of freedom around food, your body and how you look after yourself…

No more judging what you eat
No more trying new diets or thinking you ‘should’ be on a diet
No more nutritional confusion
Confidence in your food choices
Confidence in your appetite 
Confidence in how to naturally support yourself when things come up
Confidence in your lifestyle choices to support your best health, removing toxins from your home to create a nourishing environment.

I'm here to help.

I'm Caroline, welcome!

I believe that the gift of understanding our bodies and what they need, through knowledge and intuition, is how women change their lives and that of future generations. The nutritional and lifestyle habits that I teach are simple, practical and sustainable. 

Health and wellness can feel overwhelming – I’ll show you how easy it can be to create a solid health foundation that sticks, even when life happens (because it does).

My service to you 

...is to empower and guide you to become your own best health advocate. To understand how your body works and how to listen to it so that you feel confident taking responsibility for your health and wellness. If you’re here, it’s because you recognise that you need some support with this, and it’s my passion to guide you.

My journey to health

At the age of 18, a doctor gave me 5 years of healthy living due to a chronic illness. Along with that, I had a lengthy CV of symptoms, ranging from bulimia to insomnia to psoriasis to debilitating period pains to a weak immune system, and many places in-between.

The crazy thing?
I thought I was doing okay. I thought these symptoms were just ‘my thing’. Many people have symptoms so I didn’t see them as being anything I could change. It’s amazing what we get used to and accept as normal!

After a succession of illnesses I chose to study natural health rather than ‘guesstimating’ my way through. The concept that what we eat + exercise are only part of the solution, but that our entire lifestyle (environment, emotional well-being, spirituality, relationships, work, finances) either supports or sabotages our health and happiness was a light-bulb moment for me.

I became a Naturopathic Nutritionist and in the process totally turned my own health and understanding of self-responsibility around. I left my office job, choosing to practice nutrition full time. Years and many adventures later, I added Eating Psychology/MindBody Nutrition and essential oils to my professional tool belt.


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