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Why I let go of deadlines and financial goals

Why I let go of deadlines and financial goalsAt the time my goal was to bring my business to six figures. It was a couple of months before Christmas and whilst I celebrated my achievement, I saw more and more posts come out about New Year’s business resolutions by six figure business owners wanting to double their income the following year.

Who doesn’t want more money? Of course it’s attractive and it’s also one vital part of abundant living. It also takes a certain mindset and a lot of work. Having built my business to where it is today working just 3 days a week I know that it’s possible to make good money without working around the clock, and I also know that it’s about being super focused and getting out there consistently. You drop back somewhat and you will notice a dip in business. That’s the way it goes.

This got me thinking.

Yes, everything is possible, it’s up to you how much you’re willing to do.

I decided I wanted to let go of deadlines and financial goals

That doesn’t mean that my income won’t increase. What it means is being honest, again, about how I want to do business and what success looks like to me.

Deadlines stress me. I’m into slow, simple living and achieve more than what I aim for by doing just that. So why feel I need to do things any other way? Deadlines are useful, no doubt about it, so are flexible deadlines – goals that you actually move forwards with. No, there’s still no room for procrastination, you need to take responsibility for moving forwards but you can totally do it on your own terms.

Too much focus on financial goals takes me away from my core values. Yes, if you have big financial goals, you do need to be super focused to achieve them. You need to put these into perspective. If the big financial goal is your aim, then that’s where your main focus goes. If it’s not the primary focus right now in your life, then you ease off a bit. I found that in growing my business and seeing what was possible that it was beginning to be too much about the money. Money talk was featured too heavily in my conversations and that’s not what I wanted to focus on.

It’s about creating a life, with money to support that. Always that way around. It’s not even about lifestyle verus business ego. It’s both-and. It’s a dance and finding a groove that fits for you. More isn’t always where it’s at. Sometimes it is.

So I let go of deadlines and financial goals. And guess what? I still meet my financial goals. I’m still earning what I earned last year but the pressure’s off.

And it feels amazing. I’m back to who I want to be.

It can be a scary thing to do. I felt I was ‘leaving the game’.

What I found instead is my business owning soul sisters stepping up and sharing the same feelings, the same goals. When you’re honest with yourself and take a stand for this you’ll find that you are well surrounded with like-minded women after all, you’re never alone.

How do you – positively – use deadlines in your work to keep you on track?

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