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What everybody ought to know about being extraordinary

freedom jumpingI’ve been using this term in my business for years now and it’s not until recently that I realized it brings up quite some anxiety for some people.

Why? Because of ‘not feeling enoughness’. Of not feeling extraordinary in our ordinary human lives.

And so I thought it was important to clarify what extra-ordinary means.

The Oxford dictionary says: very unusual or remarkable

It means out of the ordinary. It does not necessarily mean whacky.

It means having the courage to be yourself. It does not mean having super original branding images.
It means deliberately choosing how you spend your time. It does not mean replacing one stereotype with another by now thinking you have to be a business owner/be location independent/work from a beach/(insert whatever else you’ve seen online that triggers you into believing you need to be/have/do that to be extra-ordinary).

I’m known as the Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor. This means finding your freedom.

You may want to travel. You may want to live abroad. You may want to stay home and grow your own veggies. You may want to do group courses. You may want to work 1:1.

What makes for extra-ordinary living is not doing what other ‘extra-ordinary’ people around you online (who seem to have it sussed) are doing.

What makes for extra-ordinary living is that you live purposefully, with thought behind every decision you make, consciously creating the existence you want to create for yourself.

Most people follow the herd. What makes for extra-ordinary living is you choosing what works for you, no matter what anyone else is going.

So please, do carry on being extra-ordinary, because simply by being on the path you’re on, you are extra-ordinary (unusual and remarkable).

If you don’t have it already, here’s my guide on how to grow your business to support extra-ordinary living

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